misguided /mɪsˈɡʌɪdɪd/

The no-man’s-land between borders is 20 odd meters; territories can’t be creased any clearer; three vertical outposts on each side, ominously flashing red these days. Uniforms are donned. A sniper & a spotter are sent into enemy territory to face a barrage. In plain sight. Do or die. Will they come home victorious? Entire nations hold their collective breaths. Aah, who am […]

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Fast Forward To The Past

One of those “shower moments,” and this particular one happened this morning in the car (and no, there was no water or shampoo involved while I was driving, although those who’ve seen me lately will wonder why I still claim to use shampoo anyway) that made me wonder how we look back with a touch of longing for […]

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Male Mother

So I’m back to baby-sitting full time (mostly) as I’m ‘self-unemployed’ (as I like to call myself when I want to sound cool I.M.B.O – in my bloated opinion). Then it struck me! The one word that is way cooler than everything else to describe what I can do, other than breast-feed, is “Mom.” I […]

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The Thousandaires’ Club

Everybody seems to want to go through “mid-life crisis.” You read me right: “wants.” It’s the excuse to buy a Porsche or a motorcycle worth more than a porch with a duplex attached to it. Even if it means you end up displaying gravity’s long-term effects on your mid-section. Then you let the banks convince […]

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