The Lords of the Strings

It’s been a while since I’ve seen such authentic, passionate musicians exuding such exuberant, unjarable jam. You can tell by how I’m fumbling to find the right words. Virtuosity and technical skills aside, what we saw on stage was pure, unadulterated fun. Every musician on stage was obviously thoroughly enjoying himself and all that energy radiated right across the […]

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Stop with the mic-drop already

As a one-time-part-time sound engineer, here’s my appeal to all the heads of state and celebrities who think a ‘mic-drop’ proves you’re cool. Well, like all things ‘cool,’ it used to be cool until everyone started doing it. It’s not cool anymore. What’s more, it actually damages the sensitive diaphragms in the mic heads. The […]

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Trendsetters leave me alone

I wake up every morning with the most natural thing on my face – a stubble. Well, that’s every morning to be honest, and I must admit, the facial follicles are, measured in centimetres, a bit longer than ‘stubble’ suggests. Nothing symbolises my pure laziness more than my Stubble with a capital S. It just grows. On it’s […]

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The Middle Class Musician

This phenomenon has been glaring at me in the face ever since whenever my face became glare-worthy: there’s the multi-millionaire musician with gold made of cars and other unspeakable extravagance on the one hand, and on the other, the poor, lowly, barely surviving, pavement pounding, penny collecting full-time musician whose instrument costs more than what she […]

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misguided /mɪsˈɡʌɪdɪd/

The no-man’s-land between borders is 20 odd meters; territories can’t be creased any clearer; three vertical outposts on each side, ominously flashing red these days. Uniforms are donned. A sniper & a spotter are sent into enemy territory to face a barrage. In plain sight. Do or die. Will they come home victorious? Entire nations hold their collective breaths. Aah, who am […]

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Fast Forward To The Past

One of those “shower moments,” and this particular one happened this morning in the car (and no, there was no water or shampoo involved while I was driving, although those who’ve seen me lately will wonder why I still claim to use shampoo anyway) that made me wonder how we look back with a touch of longing for […]

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