Born to the greatest parents on earth, a deep sense of responsibility & social awareness was instilled in us at a very early age. My little brother & I grew up in a loving home with freedom to pursue music, painting, literature & psychology with as much enthusiasm as bike-riding, climbing trees & hills, drinking with the gang & pursuing life-long friendships with great passion. Various stints of various durations in various pursuits ranging from youth groups to NCC to editing magazines to playing in local rock bands to pursuing post grad Audio Engineering after a Degree in Electronics has led me to this point in life where I’ve begun to see the pattern, the larger picture, the “calling.” (Don’t say I didn’t warn you about the philosophical bull$#!tt)

“Why is it so difficult, for most young-at-heart-sters to consider pursuing their passion, be it music or theatre or art, full-time as a dependable career?” One of the outcomes of this quest for a meaningful answer to the question is gigniter.ca, a platform to allow all kinds of ‘creators’  to continue to pour out talent, while basic concerns of “roti, kapda, makhaan” can be taken care of, at least in part, by fans. After all, they do want you to continue creating (or do they?)

Tl;dr I want to be a fulcrum for people who are far better creators than I could ever hope to be…

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